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well this is gunna start out as a build 'story' before i get into it.

I started this awesome silver(ish) 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 in a trade. My first ram was a black 1500 Sport. While i was deployed, i loaned my black sport to a friend.... and he beat the living snot out of it. there was too much damage to list, but after a new front end and a new tranny, she just was not the same truck. There was just an overwhelming amount of repairs over the whole truck, and i was starting to tackle them one by one. Tires finally came up, and i found a guy on craigslist with some 33s. when i went to buy em, i saw a silver extended cab sitting on the side of his garage ( my soon to be tank). my thoughts were PART TRUCK! I asked a few general questions about it, and short of just over 200000 miles, she ran like a champ... so no part truck. he offered a straight trade, mine for his, because i had a new tranny, and there was a 5 inch fabtech sitting in the bed of his, new in the box. so i made the leap and so starts my project tank.

Since i joined the forum well after i started building the ram up, i dont have many pictures of what she started out as. I installed the lift shortly after getting it, got a cheap black roll bar, and a set of 16x8s wrapped in goodyear wrangler 35s. pretty sweet. oh and a black grille off ebay for dirt cheap. real tough for me. so heres where i start some pictures .

35s!!!!!!! ( the below picture was took much later from when the first one was, its just the best pic i have of the rims and tires)

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nice job looks good man:smileup:
GOOD NEWS! the single bulb I ordered did the trick .... and man does it look sick.

BAD NEWS.... I'm headed on vacation this week so I'm going to hold off on ordering the remaining 6 for a bit.

Vacation sucks! No truck for a week er so....
i cant second that! i got my license friday and left outta state and it was a sad day to watch that truck sit there when i left
whats the current?? just confirmed the order on my spectre.. and cb with antennas and new headunit are going in next week
oh man..cant wait man hey those rims have a 12mm offset would that work on my truck?
whoops yes thats what i meant that will be awesome! i can not wait im pickin them up next wednesday!!
i hope so..and i read through your whole build thread last night..and now youve got me obsessed..sunday im picking up 4 hellas
the guy is selling a westin light bar for an 09-12 ram i asked him if he would sell just the lights he said give me 175 for everything and i said 150 because i only need the lights so im basically getting a light bar for free and a set of lights half off
hmm good idea! my dad is buyin the other hellas though for his jeep so ill ise those for my westin bull bar...if i ever get the damn brackets!!
haha do it! last friday i took it offroad for the first time..but no mud haha i gotta find some
haha winning but the guy said i could have it all for free if i find someone to trade for his rims and tires for stock 20s and i cant find anyone
i know what its like mine only does it when i hit the brakes my coffee rattled out of my cup holder the other day

and beware i put a pro comp single stabilizer and it blew my steering box the next day!\\

truck looks great as always great job!!
1 - 11 of 1124 Posts
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