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well this is gunna start out as a build 'story' before i get into it.

I started this awesome silver(ish) 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 in a trade. My first ram was a black 1500 Sport. While i was deployed, i loaned my black sport to a friend.... and he beat the living snot out of it. there was too much damage to list, but after a new front end and a new tranny, she just was not the same truck. There was just an overwhelming amount of repairs over the whole truck, and i was starting to tackle them one by one. Tires finally came up, and i found a guy on craigslist with some 33s. when i went to buy em, i saw a silver extended cab sitting on the side of his garage ( my soon to be tank). my thoughts were PART TRUCK! I asked a few general questions about it, and short of just over 200000 miles, she ran like a champ... so no part truck. he offered a straight trade, mine for his, because i had a new tranny, and there was a 5 inch fabtech sitting in the bed of his, new in the box. so i made the leap and so starts my project tank.

Since i joined the forum well after i started building the ram up, i dont have many pictures of what she started out as. I installed the lift shortly after getting it, got a cheap black roll bar, and a set of 16x8s wrapped in goodyear wrangler 35s. pretty sweet. oh and a black grille off ebay for dirt cheap. real tough for me. so heres where i start some pictures .

35s!!!!!!! ( the below picture was took much later from when the first one was, its just the best pic i have of the rims and tires)

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tonite we recieved a notification that the seller accepted our offer on the house!

so in the next couple weeks, more time will be spent with our lender smoothing out details, hiring a home inspector, and dealing with a VA appraiser. If any of you US members have served in our armed forces and opted to use a VA home loan, you know that there are a few more hoops to jump through. I have been forewarned that the VA Appraisal system almost has home inspection qualities built in.

Reguardless if anything is found to be an issue, the seller will fix it and we will press on! this was a good day for us, and for the new 00RAM.
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