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well this is gunna start out as a build 'story' before i get into it.

I started this awesome silver(ish) 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 in a trade. My first ram was a black 1500 Sport. While i was deployed, i loaned my black sport to a friend.... and he beat the living snot out of it. there was too much damage to list, but after a new front end and a new tranny, she just was not the same truck. There was just an overwhelming amount of repairs over the whole truck, and i was starting to tackle them one by one. Tires finally came up, and i found a guy on craigslist with some 33s. when i went to buy em, i saw a silver extended cab sitting on the side of his garage ( my soon to be tank). my thoughts were PART TRUCK! I asked a few general questions about it, and short of just over 200000 miles, she ran like a champ... so no part truck. he offered a straight trade, mine for his, because i had a new tranny, and there was a 5 inch fabtech sitting in the bed of his, new in the box. so i made the leap and so starts my project tank.

Since i joined the forum well after i started building the ram up, i dont have many pictures of what she started out as. I installed the lift shortly after getting it, got a cheap black roll bar, and a set of 16x8s wrapped in goodyear wrangler 35s. pretty sweet. oh and a black grille off ebay for dirt cheap. real tough for me. so heres where i start some pictures .

35s!!!!!!! ( the below picture was took much later from when the first one was, its just the best pic i have of the rims and tires)

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Man I blame all this stressing the tension crap on mopar!
Now I got another thread I HAVE to follow.. not like I haven't been anyways lol
Oh and I'm milking this one for all its worth, Just for making me wait to see your wheels and tires haha
You guys could always guess .... haha
Already have all of those done ha
Valid point. Eventually you'll get it don't worry.
Ok eventually is here ... well more so I need help/advice. Inside the box was Hella 500 fog pattern (free forms at that!) I spent the afternoon doing my hid conversion. And its done, not mounted though. There's 35w 6000ks in em now, but I'm debating a 55w 3000k yellow set up.

What do you guys think? My headlights and the 500 drivings definitely reach out, so the 500ff fogs are going to be ditch lighters and weather lighting.
The yellows are great for rain/snow time driving as they highlight contrast a lot better than regular bright white lights. I hope I'm never in front of you lol
I'm usually a pretty decent driver and use my hellas when its just me. Unless someone ticks me off.... then I turn the power of the sun on them.

The yellows have been an idea for a while. I'm really considering them.
Yea I would definitely go with the yellows if you deal with snow and rain a lot... If not then might as well keep it all bright white on the front
Thanks for the input. More waiting now...
and at last.... my hella 500 project has been completed. its a good feeling to finish a project, and this one has been insane...

so without any further delay, here's the Hella 500ff Fogs with 3000k 35w hids.

right out of the box, halogens still in. notice inside the 500, theres a bulb shroud. i had to remove it as my first set of bulbs i put in (6000k 55w) wouldnt clear. i was up in the air about what bulb/color i wanted, and 3000k won out. I also opted down for 35w hids because the 55w 3000k wash out into a light easter yellow vs the 35w 3000ks being more golden.

with the 6000k 55w bulbs

and finished conversion, 3000k 35w bulbs
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mounting and aiming was pretty fun, i got some good shots

this is the mounting, no aiming, there crooked, but i just couldnt help myself and snapped a shot

just the 3000ks

all hellas on

side shot, i sorta aimed em to the sides so as to light up more on the side of the truck

this is everything on, headlights, hella 500 driving, and hella 500ff fogs, or you can call it THE SUN for short....

and heres just the hellas with the covers on, kind of a cool shot
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when i get a chance ill snag some better day shots of everything mounted up, and then ill get out on the road for some shots of my ram blinding people ha

Bad ass man. Really like that set up. Hope I can modify the brush guard I get to hold four lights. Reps (when I can) for finally capturing the power of the sun.. Guess we got to start calling your truck Sunny-D.
Thanks man. I still owe you reps for the lift.

I like the lights there, but they have a nasty wiggle off the paved surfaces. I'm starting to shop around for a light bar/lightcage or even a bolt on prerunner bar. Best part is with me having a 3rd gen bumper my options have increased. There really isn't much for the second gens short of a replacement bumper.

Too many options... and just when I thought I finished it haha.
It's never finished man that's the worst part.
Yea. I'd like to think I'd be done some day with the whole truck, but I'd only be lying to myself haha
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