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#1 DAMN the factory put that filter on tight!! WTF, like TWO extra turns!

#2 Why isn't the oil filter longer? There's plenty of room

#3, does the oil always splash all over the axle, stabilizer, etc. or is it because I had to crush the filter to grab it causing a hole :i_rolleyes:

#4 This first oil change was performed at 1500 miles. Man was my oil black! :Wow1:. Kinda freaked me out because the reason I changed it so early was that I already towed 10K about 400 miles and wanted to get fresh stuff in there. Does the Hemi. just darken the oil that much normally? My wifes' Honda Pilot was Honey color still for the first 3-4 oil changes

#5 I used Valvoline 5-20 full synthetic. That stuff ain't Cheap!

MAN WAS THAT FILTER ON TIGHT! FUggers at the Assy. Plant! :box2:
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