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Ok I haven't been able to get on here in a while due to my schedule and issues at home. Anyway, on to the real point here. Since my last posting a few months ago I have obtained a Diablosport Intune programmer. Right now I only have it set for the 87 octane tune. I have also purchased a Vararam Hemi Under Glass intake, but it is not yet installed.

So yesterday while in town I pulled up to stop light behind an old Nova with a teen to very early 20's driver. He has a buddy in the passenger seat and their two girlfriends in the back seat. He was looking over to the other lane revving his engine and slightly power braking his car. The car in the other lane, a Pontiac Torrent. I'm thinking really guy, c'mon and pick on someone worth picking on. The light turns green and I realize he is getting on the highway; the exact place I was heading.

Once on the highway I get up beside him and put the Hemi to the floor. I started to pull him and got a car length on him before he could hold position. I had to let out at about 110 because of traffic. Once traffic cleared out I wasn't paying attention and he got in it and passed me. Once I got into it it was kind of the same scenario he couldn't pull me but I couldn't pass him either. Now most would probably consider this a tie, but I shall call it a kill because...

I got off on my exit which at this time I was ahead of him and happened to look back and he was also getting off the same exit. I asked my son "was his car smoking like that before?" so he looks back and umm no. I got to the stop sign and looked back to see the Nova on the side of the road with the driver exiting and walking to the front of the car with the hood popped. Yes a true kill for the Ram!
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