my mod thread at last!

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well ive finally decided to make my mod thread as for now this is what my truck is...ENJOY! :smileup:

my truck is a 2008 quad cab, hemi, lonestar edition, 3.55 rear end in Brilliant Black clearcoat or whatever the black color is haha either way i love it! although this will be my first and last black vehicle as its a pain to keep clean, but when it is, oh man its BEAUTIFUL!!! oh and my final product of mods is in my siggy!

heres my truck completely stock before any mods and its completely debadged

first mod i did was 8k headlights and fog lights

here are my hella 500's installed behind the grille!

next was i painted my calipers red!

then i third brake light bar

then i smoked my lights out!

then put of a flow master super 44 which i later took off for a magnaflow 14 inch! MAGNAFLOW IS WAY BETTER PERIOD! and also at the time i replaced my y pipe! another great feature!

then i put my PA speaker on and i love it!

then i got my rims powder coated high gloss black and they are amazing! thinking about bumping up to 22's and my windows are 5% tint!

also all of my plastics are painted to color match! as you can see in the previous pic and also here is my wiper cowl and i moved my hemi badges to my hood

and here is my truck as it sits today with my shorty antenna but you cant see it in this pic

my future mods include:
cam, heads, headers, CAI, programmer, 22 inch rims still havent decided which and also to lower to eventually maybe super charge it depending on the prices, black headlights, black bumpers with a roll pan and black grille :)
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Bout time.......haha......looking good bud!
Indeed, it's about time Pat! Looks great!
Powder coated bumpers and grille to match the wheels?? I would also look for the Night Runner headlights! :)


Truck looks great!!!
That's funny because of you Mopar and Sean, I based my build on, I used yalls as an example haha I had 3 Internet pages open, two with yalls builds and then mine!

Tim I plan on painting the inside of my headlights when I man up haha and yes bumpers and grille :)
Great job man that thing under your truck looks scary lol the pa speaker.
Got it from a local high school baseball field lol I had to cut the cover around the come it was so big
Damn I wanna paint my plastics so bad now. Shit look's sick.
Your truck looks great. Night and day in comparison. Good Job!!!!!!
Dork the truck looks si much smoother.with them painted

Thanks ultra love this truck
Awesome looking truck man, like what you have done!
That is a sweet looking truck for sure! great job on the mods. I have to agree the color matched plastis look awesome. I'm now wondering if my cowl pan would look good blue?
thanks fellas, check out my how to in the knowledge base section, i recommend it as in time the plastic fades and loses its black color
Ever thinking of doing your back tail gate plastic? Cause if I paint my plastics I wanna do everything.
Mine is painted LOL everything front valence
Love the thread Pat! I really like your wheels!

For you 'thinking about painting plastic' posters... check out my thread too if you want, I have the charcoal color and did mine same way Pat did, changes the whole look of the truck!

Pat, I am fairly confident on walking you through the headlights. Surprising part is, you won't have to actually paint them if you don't want to. The chrome scrubs off fairly easily. All I used was a regular dish sponge, just the rough side of it, and a lil bit of water. If you bake them apart, you MUST niteshade that side amber! You WILL thank me.

Looking great buddy!
Haha thanks million! And yes it transforms the truck completely especially on lighter color trucks.. I want to color match my headlights million, just so I don't have different color blacks...but I def need step by step assistance lol
I will do my best Pat.
Aha million- Jason! I was really thinkiing your name was million LOL :)
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