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Would like to share my experience with the new 2014 Ram 1500 V6 Pentastar Engine,

Really Love the truck since i started to Driving I always drove a Dodge
I live out in rural community an most are gravel roads that sometimes doesn't get plowed (special living in this Canadian Winters)
First vehicle when I was 16 was a 2000 Dodge Dakota V6 (2wd)
like the vehicle bought it for 900 dollars had it for about 13 Months Decided that it was not up for the terrain i drive it considering its a 2wd (also not to good on gas )
No picture
So I Decided to go bigger an 4wd Flip the vehicle for more profit and purchase another vehicle Go big or go home so went with a

Yup Laramie 97 Dodge Ram 1500 4" lift that roars like thunder boy do I love this vehicle Can handle all that foot of snow like its nobodies business

Biggest Issue GAS! GAS! GAS! 12Mpg it was horrible all my money is going Towards gas all that aggressive look of the truck not worth the Mpg
so with my luck an old man had a vehicle a 98 dodge Dakota V8 that was given to me after helping him out with lots of yard work for there cabin and house maintenance etc.(lots of issues of course)
(Best engine by far) could compete with the half ton trucks pulls like a champ (I haul lots of scrap Metal in the summer)
290Km orginal Engine/ Transmission No issue starts up with out bieng plug in -20 weather no transmission slip all cosmetics rust in all fenders.
Sold that 97 Ram to fix up the 98 Dakota and here took it to all kinds of terrain could handle as much as the 97 Ram with out the lift kit (a little tight on the back if you have friends though lol)

had the vehicle for 3 years till I started to calculate how much gas I'm spending (I do 60% hwy and 10% Gravel 25% city 5% waiting for my girlfriend)

So I had enough of it Decided that I need something new deserve something new actually had an idea of buying a Toyota echo and keep the truck for hauling... lol but it wont give me the satisfaction of knowing
I wont get stuck on a pile of leaves in fall.

SO! after that long reading you guys did I decided to purchase this Beauty!

I think I work with this 9.9l/100km on average love the amount of room inside and lots of storage in the cab, OH and a little coolers under your friends feet so quite its like your in a plane my brothers Audi is louder than this lol.
You Don;t wake people up when ever you start up that 5.2l V8
Easy to do oil change on. Knob shifter blows peoples mind! ( I know I sound like this is such a great invention but I love this truck I never own something new!) towed 3500Lbs of Scrap metal with ease an still getting 11.2L going 100km with out hauling 8.2l/100km facing north wind, 7.6L going south

Got it in relatively cheap price Would have got it cheaper I dont really need all that gadget it has aslong as it can tow/ cheap on gas/ and could handle rough terrain

also Something does worry me sometimes I feel a kick when shifting into second gear...

and my girlfriend surprise me with this interior decor


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Congrats on the truck, it sounds like a welcome change. I've been hearing a lot of good things about the V6, enjoy it.
That's a nice interior mod from your girlfriend.
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