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And might I say holy crap I love this thing. Mounting it up was really easy and the cord tucked neatly in along the rubber covering so the install looks really nice. Only place you see the cord is at the bottom where it comes across to plug into the OBDII port and behind the tuner itself when looking in from the outside. Right now am only running the 87 octane tune because I want to get most of the 87 out of the tank and put the new Dynatech headers on (my other new toy lol) and once I get that all set up I will fill her up with 91 and switch the tune. Just wish gas wasn't so damn expensive lol. Sorry bout not having pics for the headers just yet, will get some pics here soon and post them on my build thread.
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Will do guys. I bought them off of CL from a guy who said he didn't do anything with them.. Kinda funny how if he didn't do anything with them they have carbon build up inside and such. Oh well, the numbers match up so I know they will fit my truck and are in amazing shape. Going to give them a CLR bath here soon to get rid of the carbon and clean them up some. Should be either going on this weekend or sometime this coming week. I believe tomorrow though I am going to modify the 87 tune I have been running and see what power I can get out of it.
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