My Ram got new shoes! (SRT content inside)

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Well, I finally bit the bullet. I ordered gloss black 22" SRT10 wheels from Factory Reproductions about 2 weeks ago. I also got a red stripe painted on the wheel to break up all the black. Now, I have a few issues/questions before I get these suckers mounted.

1. TPMS? I forgot every vehicle has them nowadays. Mine ironically went off last night as I was leaving a buddy's house. It turns out the front passenger side was about 10PSI low. I forgot to buy TPMS sensors when I ordered my wheels and tires. How much of an issue will that be? I want to put these on but I don't want to jump the gun if its going to be a PITA down the road. Could I get a tire shop to swap the sensors out of my OEM wheels?

2. Rubbing. The wheels are 22x10 with a 25.4mm offset and the tires are 305/40/22 Nexen Roadian HPs. I also have a bigger Hellwig front swaybar that is waiting to get put on. I take it I will have rubbing issues? What size spacer do you guys recommend?

3. Lug nuts. The sales rep I spoke to on the phone gave me their black lug nut set for free. He didn't like them so he just threw them in. After looking at them, they are kinda cheap. They are almost 2" long but they are the 2 piece style. The lug itself is maybe an 1" long and the rest is the crappy metal jacket. They look goofy on the wheel since they are so long. After some research, Gorilla is coming out with their 1 piece hardened black lug that is OEM style. They should be released in the middle of this month (according to their website). I found them here:
It seems black acorn style lugs are pretty rare. I'm pretty excited about Gorilla releasing their 9/16"x18x1.52" black lugs but I don't know if I can hold out LOL.

The wheels and tires have been sitting in my garage for 2 days now. I keep going out there and looking at them. IT'S KILLING ME TO HAVE TO WAIT LOL. Of course I took a bunch of pics, just for you guys :wavey:

And last, a size comparison between the stock wheels and tires and the new set:
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thoes are sweeeeet dude i love them and i would be the same way as you id be itchin to get them installed but im sure there will be others to chime in and answer your questions soon enough

Let me sum up my novel:

TPMS? I did not order them with the wheels and tires. I don't really want to pay for them and all the associated costs with mounting and balancing, etc. Can I run without them? I can deal with the idiot light being on...

Will I need spacers? Was this ever confirmed with these wheels? Hubcentric spacers required, yes?

Quality black lugnuts.... They don't exist... yet...

It's killing me having these wheels sit in the garage when they could be on my truck :LOL:
You can run them without the pressure monitors, ran mine that way for a week or so. Warning light will always come on on start up but no big deal. I decided to reuse the oem chrome lug nuts, locks and center caps that came with my R/T wheels (looks good on satin black anyway, srt reproductions). Your over sized frt. sway bar and rub I don't know, I run 305/45/22 and get slight rub on full lock. I removed the front Belltech lowering kit from my truck but still have the rear kit installed with the air lift 1000 bags. Tires were constantly hitting the inner fender wells with the kit on the front. The way it is now it sits level front to rear with 5psi in the bags and I have the option to add air to tow.
Great looking set of wheels !.. Can't wait to see them on !
No installed pics???????
+1 I've been waiting and waiting for the installed pics!!!! :D
Those look sweet......Will be nice to see installed pics.......
Nice wheeles man.
Nice so freakin jealous I think for a truck those destroy xd and the other ones that all the high school kids like cause of a damn star haha nice tho :redxbang:
How's about just slapping them on just for the same of a pic? :)
Has this been installed as I am looking to grab the same wheel (gloss black with red stripe) but run 305-45-22 as I am looking to level via Bilstein 5100's

Do you have rubbing with the 40 series
Do you have rubbing with the 40 series
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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