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I wanted to post this before I left Ram ownership. I have never been so disappointed with a truck as have this one. I have owned several Rams and have had good success.
Unfortunately this truck is a lemon and I wanted to inform any other owners experiencing issues with this generation of Ram.
I have copied this post from my iphone notes and edited the profanity- lol.
Enjoy the read:
2019 Ram 3500 Issues
  • November/December 2019 front/rear defrost and A/C all come on at once and system locks- must restart truck (3x)
  • January – same issue with all defrost/AC on at full blast. Only way to re-set is by stopping/starting truck
  • January 28/ 2020 truck would not start due to low oil pressure error reading Even though oil was changed January 13/2020 oil life is only 36% Truck finally started late in the day. Off to the dealership. Dealership the tech said that even though the truck was plugged in overnight, I should have been using the winter front. Dodge techs say that these trucks need winter fronts in cold weather to run properly.
  • January 23/2020 truck engine light is on again.
  • I installed winter front- it only fits if you separate the grill fins and jam the tabs between the fins. It blocks some of the trucks front sensors.
  • Feb 11/20- locked up with fan at #7 full power and all defrost/Ac on in the middle of a blizzard on the highway- winter front is on- had to pull over and re-start before function control returned.
  • Took 4 times to turn off/on before normal status - dealership service no patch available at this time, no eta
  • March 10, plus 2 degrees, engine light on at 15,995 km- re-set at dealer, no unusual codes
  • May 20th Wednesday- alarm went off and engine light on; dealership picked up and worked on it Thursday, returned Friday morning 22nd. Said Turbo Boost issue - May re occur every 3-4K- ok to drive anyways /will not void warranty
  • Friday 21st at 4pm engine light on- - dealership says drive anyways- I want that in writing from Service manager and Dealership General Manager to not void warranty - said would call me right back after speaking with a tech – no one would sign off on that.
  • Truck parked for the weekend
  • (July 15th before part is available) But it is OK to drive the truck over the weekend. I have said that I would only do so if the service manager and the general manager sign off on a letter of release to cover the warranty should my driving the truck void the warranty
  • Service Agent has said that she will authorize a rental vehicle ready for Monday I have said that the truck must be a 2500 series or 3500 series in order to pull a bobcat and trailer. Next sentence I have asked Service Agent to approach the general manager and see if they will not take The truck back as there have been a series of issues that are impacting my livelihood and my ability to use the truck as it was intended.
  • The dealership called me Monday morning and informed me that the Chrysler Approved Rental Company was looking for a truck and do I need it to tow a trailer this after I had already informed them on Friday that I needed a truck capable of towing a bobcat this morning I also added the requirement that the truck be able to tow a fifth wheel since I cannot use my $94,000 truck to tow either a bobcat or a fifth wheel I can use it for neither business nor pleasure at this time
  • I have not heard back from the Dealership so I left a message 2:55 PM Monday, May 25,2020
  • Service Agent called this morning from the dealership at 9:10 AM Tuesday, May 26 and said that they were looking at a truck rental in a nearby locale that specializes in heavier trucks because Chrysler Canada only has an account with that company and not anyone else. Also they are looking to outsource the part required for my turbo boost repair to an Alberta company or companies that can provide the part. Chrysler would prefer to provide their own part and may not OK a purchase from the Alberta company and the Alberta company may also in turn not try to sell to the dealership.
I have heard nothing back since then it is now 6 PM and the dealership has not called me back in any respect regarding a rental truck or securing of the part to repair my truck.
Last Friday Agent in service said that it would be OK to drive my truck and yet yesterday when I asked again if the service manager and general manager would sign off on a document saying so she replied that there are over 300 things that can go wrong to light up the engine light so they probably wouldn’t sign off on that. Interesting that she OKs it to drive and they do not. I don’t think they know what they are doing.
The part came in on Friday, June 26 and my truck is repaired and returned Friday Saturday morning. So far I’ve taken the truck to Devon and back I now have 21,400 so far the engine light has not come on everything seems to be running as it should.

July 2020- Locked out of truck as my key fob was not recognized. Worked around that for 45 minutes.

August 5, 2020

On the way to Sherwood Park this afternoon around 10:30 AM my screen froze the AC came on the front defrost came on the rear defrost came on and the temperature rose to 24°C.
15 minutes later the engine light came on.
The truck is now going back to Stony Plain service and they’re going to find out once again what is wrong with this POS.
Flashed who knows what and found no other codes

October 10/20
32730 km
The screen locked this morning I had to reset and restart the truck four times before I had any functions on the screen available. Now at the post office at 32760 km, screen is blank where I should have CarPlay and 1/2 the screen is a blank.

Monday morning October 12/20 – 12” touch screen is frozen again

Yes, I have sought Legal Counsel, but there is no Lemon Law in Canada, and the legal wording of the paperwork you sign at the Dealership during purchase is weighted heavily in favour of the vendor and manufacturer

Wednesday morning October 13- on my way to the GMC Dealership to see if I can offload this piece of crap for something that works the way it is supposed to

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No Surprises.
Hope your next truck is better.
Not really a Dodge or Ram even, more like FIAT-Dodge hybred so you ain;t anyones feelings.

Dodge has died and been taken over by a pod person.
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