N-Fab Pre-Runner Light!

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i just got the N-Fab Pre runner Light bar, but i cant find any instructions to install the says on the website that its all bolt on but it shows the 3rd Generation truck with it.....i dont want to drill but i might have to!!! if anyone has this bar installed i would appreciate some is the link im a little puzzled because i dont know where to mount the bolts and such!!!
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you better hook up some REP points for this buddy !!!!!
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Any pics of the install? Did it end up being bolt on or did you have to drill? I am thinking of going with this bar for my truck.
you have to drill. drill through the bumper (plastic cover & steel bumper itself) then bolt it on. i found that i had to drill the outside holes larger. when tightening it down it squeezes itself together on the ends. but once it's on it's a very firm fit. i stand and kneel on mine when i have to get into the engine bay.
I had installed the bar before that video was posted. Thanks for the help.I didn't want to drill but I ended up drilling....was harmless and mounts right into the license plate holes..then drilling the outside ones... I'll upload a picture, it was easy....waiting for my lights to come in :)

Here is the bar without the lights.....still waiting for them ill throw another picture up when i have the lights installed!

all you have to do is take you license plate off, bolt it on, draw oultines on the circles , take the bar off, find the center, pin punch the center, use a small drill bit to initiate the first hole, then use the larger drill bit (1/2 inch) make sure you lubricate the drill bit, and then re mount the whole bar...took me and my dad aprox. 15 mins and thats without having everything i front of me that includes prep time....getting drill doing circles etc.. any more questions let me know!
sorry for the faulty picture...i coppied the wrong thing and cant get the actual picture on here!
Thanks for the info on the install. They don't give you that kind of info on the install sheet. Hopefully you can get a picture to load so we can see what it looks like.
Still in the Picture upload process

try this...if not i give up!!! to many failed attempts haha
Thanks for the picture. It looks awesome. What lights are you going with?
I went with piaa, recommended from my buddy..I got 2_520 series fog lights along with 1_series 520ATP driving for the middle light
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