Need a little help with finding a hot wire

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I need to get 12v from a wire under the dash that's only hot when the ignition key is turned on and the engine running.... I've only found two (a red & a blue) both of those are on what I think is the brake assist module / switch located on the upper part of the barke pedal... When I try to use either one of those I get a ESP/BAS warning light so I need to find another source...

Anyone know which wires / color codes have 12 volts only when the key is on and won't screw up the computer?

Thanks in advance
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Can't figure out how to get to the back of the cigarette lighter in the console and can't see the color code of the wire going to it, so that one isn't an option

Edit: Thanks to a few really informative threads on console removal and cigarette lighters, I found a 12v keyed connection in the fuse box under the hood that will do the trick!
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