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I want better mpg. Do those chips/modules connected to ait sensor via two wires really work? I removed the resonator box just to see inside of it and is empty i was thinking it had baffles like a muffler is that normal? Also in that box there are no sensors only a hose that goes from the box to to the back top of motor which way does is it supose to flow to box or to motor because i put my thumb over(after removing box) and felt no flow? And inside throttle body is dirty. What happens if i put a cone filter right on tb and what do i do with that hose? I am at 13 mpg.
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which chips\modules are you talking about? post a link to one. If its the ebay ones that claim more power and better fuel economy then no, they dont work. Its a disaster waiting to happen.
To get the best out of your vehicle, make sure everything is running in proper condition. Give it a full tune up, if you havent done so recently. Oil change, spark plugs, fuel filter, compression test, and a tune to check your a/f, etc... If everything is already runnign perfectly, you can add an exhaust, cai, and a handlheld tune. This might net you 1 or 2 more MPGs.
the chip is from which I send back for an exchange. I already intalled the cai and will report any changes in near future.
i gain nothing from my new chip so i send back for refund, the cai gave some noticeable gain in power like before 63 mph @ 2000 rpm now 67 mph @ 2000 rpm and the engine sounds nice, but no gain in mpg's.
try a full exhaust next. Think of your engine as a huge air pump. The more air that goes in without tolerance, the more power youll have. The more power youll have, the less rpms needed to reach your desired speed. Less rpms, better fuel economy. But itll only slightly change though.
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