Need exhaust help please

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I'm going to order my exhaust in the next day and I thought that I knew what I wanted until I heard a couple different set ups now I'm stuck and need input before I waste my money. I wanted the mufflex 18 then I heard the borla xr1. I've listened to many exhaust clip of both and still don't know which one, after doing more research I've read about drone and I do not want drone as this is my dd and family vehicle. What I do want is a nice deep rumble/tone during start up and cruising but also want it to be louder during wot but not annoying and need very little to no drone during highway trips. I like the bolt on idea but read about some poor fitting pipes and leaks with mufflex and I don't like the fact that the xr1 is a Si/so that I have to chop the factory setup to install. I know it's a lot but any help will get me one step close to pulling the trigger on my exhaust. Thanks Mike
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Yeah the mufflex 18 sound good I just hear people talk about drone and the 2 things I don't want is loud and annoying and drone that's unbearable as my it's my dd/family ride. What about any input from people that have the boesch built kits I know that mufflex and them are just about the same but what about the quality of each one
Well I ordered the boesch built 18 part#dr-01 I think ill be happy as I wanted the mufflex 18 but didn't like some of the reviews I've read and I found this place that is basically the same but they use better stainless steel 304 vs 409 that is from factory and on the mufflex they also use better clamps and claim to be little too no tailpipe adjustments we'll see when I get it and install it also the reviews that I found for boesch built were all positive now the hard part waiting all week for the boxes of new toys
Well I got my exhaust a couple weeks ago and installed it been meaning to get back on here to give you guys an update but been busy. Its a little late but here I go

The kit is well built, welds are awesome and the extension pipes are true 304ss (I did the magnet test)

Installation was as expected straight forward only ran into 2 minor problems this first one had nothing to do with the kit but I had a harder time removing the driver side tail pipe from the stock muffler, and the second problem was with tail pipe alignment the passenger side would not adjust properly. So I called Matthew Boesch (Owner/Fabricator) he told me I was the only person to call in about a problem and he was more than willing to get the problem fixed we decided to try a new hanger because I notice it seemed off and he sent me a replacement for free I installed it and now its perfect.

Performance/Sound wise its what I was looking for nice sound at start up and idle, not loud and annoying when pushing the right pedal just right. With the windows down it sounds great with the windows up its barely louder than stock was but you can hear the difference in the exhaust tone to know its not stock anymore. On the highway It is slightly louder than stock but not bad and the drone is hardly noticeable if at all (I can hear the difference but my wife doesn't).

I was going to do a video but decided that there's really no need to do one with all the video clips of our trucks with the 18 inch MF they are going to all sound the same if its just the muffler being replaced but once you remove resonators and replace y pipes or headers then the sound will change.

Overall I would/will highly recommend anyone buy this exhaust kit if you want a great quality American built product from a small family owned business.

I also have a few other things that I've installed and ill do a little review on them soon (Intake, Shorty antenna, window visors, mats and tailgate assist)
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what was the bed removed for?
o ok I was going to say that seemed extreme to do all that to just remove the resonators and have a muffler installed
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