Need exhaust help please

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I'm going to order my exhaust in the next day and I thought that I knew what I wanted until I heard a couple different set ups now I'm stuck and need input before I waste my money. I wanted the mufflex 18 then I heard the borla xr1. I've listened to many exhaust clip of both and still don't know which one, after doing more research I've read about drone and I do not want drone as this is my dd and family vehicle. What I do want is a nice deep rumble/tone during start up and cruising but also want it to be louder during wot but not annoying and need very little to no drone during highway trips. I like the bolt on idea but read about some poor fitting pipes and leaks with mufflex and I don't like the fact that the xr1 is a Si/so that I have to chop the factory setup to install. I know it's a lot but any help will get me one step close to pulling the trigger on my exhaust. Thanks Mike
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I am going to be getting a new exhaust for my truck in the next few days and its a toss up for me between a 14" and a 18". It's my daily driver and I have a wife and 2 kids so i dont want it to be extremely loud inside the cab. I also have a cai in the truck and from what I have read that will make the aftermarket exhaust a little louder too. so I'm leaning towards the 18", but any input on it would be appreciated
yes i plan on leaving the resonators on, going to get a direct fit
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