Need help from 3.7L Owners!!!

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So long story short I'm using Dodge suspension parts in my modified Chev Suburban. In the process of relocating my torsion bars I've come across a problem with using the Dodge shorter bars the V8 bars I have are too large and the spring rate is way too stiff for the Burb.

Way to much reading has got me to track down the bars I need are from a 2002-2005 Ram 1500 with a 3.7L in it... among other details. My friends at the Dodge dealer can't seem to figure out what bar I'm looking for with 11 different pairings available!! I'm hoping someone can help me out with some VIN codes or part numbers.

I'm going to toss up a file of the possible bar combinations to show you what kinda mess I'm in. My trucks been down for over 2 weeks now I gotta sort this out soon.

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With spring selections, it literally comes down to them looking up the VIN to find what the truck originally shipped with. I had to figure this out when I was looking for the specific SRT springs. Parts manual doesn't tell you shit on this front other than the sales codes (ZCA, ZCB, etc).

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So all you need is a VIN from a v6 ram in those years? I just used autotrader and found these 1D7HA16KX3J584278 and 1D7HA16K94J281493 from here and here

I believe what I need is 1D7HU at the beginning... this designates 4x4. I'm assuming your 2wd trucks don't use torsion bars in the front but if someone can confirm that I would appreciate it.
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