Need help installing some "bright work"...

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Greetings All,
I'm 1-week new to the forum, did the intro thread, but have a question on installing the pedal kit:

1. I have a 2012 Ram 1500 ST Express regular cab. The chrome applique's on the door handles and mirrors were simple, as was the door sill pieces. But... the darn pedal kit (brake cover and gas pedal cover) I'm unable to get on there. The instructions for the brake pedal show nothing more than "remove stock rubber cover, dip new cover in water to wet it, then slide it on from the bottom up using a screwdriver to wedge the rubber edges over the metal pedal". Well, it ain't happening!!! ; and

2. the gas pedal cover has hooks on one side andclips on the other side, but for all my strength (even coupled with pliers), I can't muscle the darn thing on. Is there a trick to it? I'm not the strongest cat around, but I'm not a whimp either and for all my might, I couldn't get the clips to snap over and onto the darn pedal.


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Man that sucks! Sorry to hear they are that big of a pain. When you do get them on post some pics of the inside and outside mods you have completed, we would love to see them!
Not sure if "bright work" means stick on chrome pieces or what but for safety's sake; and if you really want the chrome look on the most important equipment in the truck; why not just paint them with something shiny from Pep Boys?
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