Need Help - Recon head lights

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hey i'm lost right now, admittedly i am pretty green when it comes to doing much with electrical wiring and stuff so bare with me... ok so i got some Recon lights for an early xmas present to myself and had no problems installing the 3rd brake light and tail lights but the headlights have me really lost.. instructions are horrible. ok so where im lost is the LED lights around the edge have loose wires and so does the halo ring, also have resistor to wire in... question 1 is do i need to pair the positive wires from LEDs and halo rings and put in one hole of quick connector and resistor in the other hole or wire resistor and LEDS only in one hole and halo ring in other hole? and when i do figure out that end, what do i do when i remove old headlights? do i need to cut some wires that are there already and splice into?
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Ok, after a little more research it seems like i need the resistors for the signal lights (i bought the dual LED signal bulbs - part #264207WA). Does this sound like im on the right track or are these resistors to be put in with the LEDs from around the headlight? just dont get it. In the future i'm paying extra to get everything installed for me. This is driving me nuts, the instructions they give with the lights are horrible.. you think after spendin around 1000 youd think it would come with pretty accurate instructions.
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