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I had a tire rotation about a week ago, and noticed about 2 days ago a noise. It starts up around 25mph, it almost sounds like I am dragging a branch or something under the front left tire of my truck ! It goes away if I slightly turn my wheel and or change lanes for instance to the right. But the noise remains when the wheel is straight and or turning left.

I took the tire off the truck to inspect it to make sure it wasnt like a rock or something wedged into my tire and or something sticking out of the side wall and rubbing the caliper and or anything else. Everything checked out clean no abnormal wear or rubbing and no rocks wedged into my tire anywhere that I can see. The tires are fairly new like 1.5 years old and only about 12,000 miles on them, my truck is babied for the most part !

So like I said the noise would be like dragging a branch and or a rock clicking on the pavement, but it only does it about 25 and will go away will slight turn of the steering wheel to the right.

Any and all help is appreciated !!

Also my truck is 2005 dodge ram 1500 laramie 2wd
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