Need More Input Please Cust.Exhaust&Headers

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OK, I have stock exhaust with a magnaflo its ok but I just put the k&n intake on and now when I get on it all I hear is it sucking air and almost like I lost power since I put it on, maybe theres something else wrong but I thought I would do the exhaust first.

I have a muffler shop that will do whatever I want. I get like 12mpg now so I dont think it could get much worse lol If I do headers he said get the long pipe headers, cut the cats out and do true duals the whole way back with magnaflos. I was reading some other threads the e-cutout seems cool also.
He also said my check engine light might come on but I have a diablo predator that he said I could get an off road tune put in it to take care of that.
So I guess Im just looking for some input? Pros and Cons? Will this work? Im sure it will sound good and loud
Any input would be greatly appreciated.:smileup:
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make sure you do an aftermarket Y as the stock why is basically a pinched pipe...
or do what i 'true duals' to H pipe (where the Y would have been) to dual cutouts, to a dual in/single out muffler...

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my theory about not going dual out was to retain a little restriction for effective scavenging (so i wouldn't lose low end torque).... and to a certain extent is true as I run quicker with my cutouts closed than open, I only open the cutouts on nitrous runs an/or showing off..if I'm street racing i keep them closed... I am catless for the most part (cats are gutted)...but i do have a set of flanged cats that I can swap in for emissions testing..
it isn't coincidence that 2 other rams local to me have cloned my exhaust (2 into 1) and are 2nd an 3rd quickest at the track whenever our big group goes drag racing...
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