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2015 Ram 1500 4wd
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I have a 2015 1500 4wd that already has 6" Superlift w/ 35x12.50r22 on 22x12 wheel w/ -44 offset. I want to run 37's but I know they won't clear right now since wheels are 12" my tires now barely clear bumper and fender on outside of tire when turning. I am wanting to know if it would be possible to just to add Bilsteins 5100's on front and coil spacer on rear with taller shocks or do I need to go with a 3" body lift? I know if I do the Bilstein route I will have to take out the pre-loaded coil spring spacer on front because I remember seeing that in the instructions when I installed lift so I guess I will loose some lift on that. I don't particularly want to cut or trim if possible. I would rather go with the Bilsteins just because I know I can do that job myself. I have never installed a body lift but am sure I probably could with help of buddies because I used to work in a customizing shop for a few years and we done all kinds of suspension work, custom frames and custom body work.

Also I have heard that with 6" lifts it's not recommended to run Bilsteins set to max is this true? I think it was something about the drive shaft or cv axle angle. I have read on other forums some say yes it will work and some say no. Truck is mainly a daily driver back and forth to work. I don't plan on really do any major mudding or anything but do have to go off-road sometimes on family farm and at deer camp or some small off-road trails.

If I can go with Bilsteins what size spacer do I need for rear? Right now by eyeballing it looks like it sits a tiny bit lower in rear maybe .25-.5" but it's hard to tell but by measuring from ground to fender it measures exactly the same.

If can't go with Bilsteins what is a good 3" body lift? Or any other option to be able to clear tires without having to buy new wheels. I have only had wheels and lift for a few months and don't want to have to buy new wheels. I still have while before I will be getting tires since mine only have a few thousand miles now. Just trying to get things planned out and start getting parts on and ready.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.
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