Need new pads

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time is coming that ill need new pads front and back, which is a good brand with little to no brake dust??? since my rims are black, my stock pads make them look terrible from wash to wash...ceramic for sure right?
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Turn the rotors either way and get either semi metallic or ceramic pads. EBC green is good, and so is Hawk.
Turn the rotors either way

I hate to jack the thread but I have to ask for my known knowledge and to see if I've been messing up all these years. Why turn the rotors? If the breaks were changed before getting into the rotors and the pads are wearing even and their not warped what would be the benefit? I know the rotor get groves in it but once the new pad conforms to the rotor it would break the same as before.
The heat warps them, and you can't be certain they wear evenly

Thanks Tim AGAIN LOL! I was showing off your.intake to my buddy who is in the market but I think I convinced him in volant
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