Need PAC advice for a 2010 Ram

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I am so confused by the PAC website. I am thinking of installing a Kenwood DNX6980 Nav Double Din in my 2010 with base stereo & steering wheel controls. I need to know exactly what the part numbers are so I can figure out if it makes sense to get the factory RER or aftermarket. Thanks.
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You need the C2R-CHY4 which is your main radio harness.
SWI-CAN2 is the Canbus interface for your steering wheel controls.
SWI-RC is the piece you actually program for the steering wheel controls.
You will also need a antenna adapter and faceplate adapter. (about $20)

This should do it. I bought mine at Sonic Electronics. They should be here tomorrow! Check their price on that deck too. They have some awesome pricing.
Hey I pm'd you too. You do NOT need the Can2 as the website / instructions suggest. They are wrong. I got mine installed today and it works great with just the C2R-CHY4 and the SWI-RC. Apparently the CHY4 has the CAN2 built in now. Even the application specific instructions are wrong! Just plug the CHY4 into the RC and plug the jack on the RC into your head unit. Sorry for the confusion.
Great. I'm glad you didn't buy it. I have to ship mine back.
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