Need PAC advice for a 2010 Ram

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I am so confused by the PAC website. I am thinking of installing a Kenwood DNX6980 Nav Double Din in my 2010 with base stereo & steering wheel controls. I need to know exactly what the part numbers are so I can figure out if it makes sense to get the factory RER or aftermarket. Thanks.
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For those of you with a steering wheel control interfaces (pac, per etc...)

What does the interface allow the Ram stock front steering wheel controls to do?

the ones labeled < > and ^ V?

Im sure the rear steering wheel controls work (right?).

What do the rear ones do? do they work like on the stock radio ( volume up/ down, Band, select up/ down, preset toggle)?

yes they all work like they do on the oem radio.
but what do the front ones do?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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