Need rear bumper

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I need a rear bumper for my 2010 1500. It's chrome and has the dual exhaust cutouts. I let my brother borrow my truck for a day and he managed to back it into a concrete pole. Just hoping their is somebody that has upgraded from stock or maybe has a truck with front end damage that theyre parting out.
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I've tried eBay and everything I've found is more expensive than buying one from dodge. Dodge wants $550 for a brand new one. I found one junkyard that had one but it was pretty beat up. It wasn't as bad as mine is but they wouldn't go below $350, then I would have to do some body work on it and get it rechromed and I don't have time for that. I've looked into a couple aftermarket ones but they are significantly more expensive than a new stock one. I was hoping to find someone on here that had already upgraded and has no use for the stock bumper.
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