need recommendation for tire size on 2012

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i need a recomendation on tire size and brand for a 2012 laramie 1500. i would have to get them replaced before i bring this new rig home. i need the largest or best size for the stock 20" wheels. i would like a rough tread pattern for farming type duties. Nitto, bfg, firestone???? Mainly need to get the best tire sizes i could use for this truck. thanks!
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With a completely stock suspension I think the best size is a 275/65/20 which is just one size taller than stock. No worries about any type of rubbing, fills the fender well up nicely, and that size is only available as a "LT" or E-rated tire so it's tough. What brand or specific tire I guess depends on how rough you want to in all-terrain or mud tire? Cooper Zeon LTZ, Nitto Terra Grapplers, and Toyo Open Country A/T seem to be very popular but I'm sure you could find several great A/T tires in that size. Nitto Trail Grapplers and Toyo Open Country M/T seem to be two of the best mud tires on the market but I don't think the Trail Grapplers are available in 275/65/20.
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