Need some help with choosing the right size tires

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I have a 2010 Ram 1500 ST Reg cab, stock. Currently have p265 70r17, but was wondering that what the biggest size I could throw on it, without hindering anything else?

Thank you
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Not sure how much you know about tires, but the 265s that you have relate to tire width, 265mm. You can go wider with 275 up to 295 but remember that your rims are only so wide, so going with a tire that is too wide will affect how the tires look and the contact area of the tire.

Do you want to go wider, or do you also want a taller tire? Some tire websites have a tool where you put in your vehicle info and it will show how different wheel/tire combos will look on your truck. Might want to try that out to see how it looks.

Also ask a tire shop how tall and wide you can go before you start having issues with tires rubbing the body or suspension components for you truck. Good luck.
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