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howdy you'al! :wavey:
yep i pulled the triger and bought me a new 1500
quite a change up from my 85 prospector !!!!:smileup:
so .. any advice from you experanced 'new' dodge truck owners?

they said that this truck had the clear coat protector stuff on it that was in the warrenty option package so did not need that
also they said
that they were not selling dodge warrenties !!!
that the ins company that backed dodge warrenties
was takeing over in name in 2014 !!!
sso they were selling it now in that name

does any one have sujestions for real life break in ?
how soon should i change the oil?
is it sinthetic or should i go to sinthetic?

i noted the 5.7 seems a tad slow on low speed acclearation
but shines over 40 mph!!
how much imporvement will a K & n air filter up grade do for it ?
will i see this also in while towing?
would a ram air hood provice more then jest good scoop looks?
were can i find nice goodies for upgrading looks inside and out?

it has HD motor trans cooling
is this the 7500 lb towing stuff?

dang thing sits liked it has a 4 inch lift
is this normal?
can it be lowered some to make it easer to get in ?
oh yes i got the quad ...
well i hope all you'al got some advice for a newbie
catch you around sunny florida when ya gets here!!!
ta ta for now..

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as far as the warranty, get whatever 5 or 7 year plan that they offer you
don't get an after market warranty
in a year or 2, buy the Lifetime Maximum Care Warranty
you will actually have to turn in your warranty but it is pro rated & the money goes toward the Max Care plan

I bought Nerf Bars to help me enter & get out of my Ram

When my original air filter needed changing, i put in a K&N

break in your Ram without using constant high revolutions for about 300 or 400 miles

fancy hoods just look good, you will see more posts about how everyone else thinks

as you put more miles on the engine, you will see MPG increase, summer blend gas will be coming out soon & you will notice an increase then too

I would suggest going to synthetic motor oil after a few oil changes, in other words, do it whenever your ready

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Welcome to the forum. Post some pics if you have them. You will be surprised at the information you can get here. Your head will spin with what to do first.

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first, kn filter, many opinions, no preformance gains. i just use stock paper filters and change when needed. i changed oil to synthetic at 500 miles. i use penzoil ultra and the white kn filter.

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I order my 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4 over a week ago, that 2 months wait is driving me crazy! :4-looney:

As for oil my last car (2006 Chrysler 300C with the 5.7 Hemi) came with ordinary oil when I brought it and I put Mobil 1 synth oil on the first oil change interval. I would also suggest you go with Mobil 1 oil filter; they are one of the best out there!

No matter if you put ordinary oil or synth oil only put the oil grade written in your manual, for my 300C it was 5w20 not sure if it's the same for the Ram 5.7, cause from what I heard if you don't put the right oil grade it may prevent the MDS system from working properly!

I also heard that Quake State synth oil wasn't good for the 5.7 Hemi and might be causing some engine knock problem. Don't know if it's true but didn't want to be the one to test it.:str:

Not sure if all this apply to the 2012 Hemi but it seem like I still have plenty of time to do more research before my truck arrive.

For mods get a least Catch Can it will save your engine on the long run :smileup:
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