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as far as the warranty, get whatever 5 or 7 year plan that they offer you
don't get an after market warranty
in a year or 2, buy the Lifetime Maximum Care Warranty
you will actually have to turn in your warranty but it is pro rated & the money goes toward the Max Care plan

I bought Nerf Bars to help me enter & get out of my Ram

When my original air filter needed changing, i put in a K&N

break in your Ram without using constant high revolutions for about 300 or 400 miles

fancy hoods just look good, you will see more posts about how everyone else thinks

as you put more miles on the engine, you will see MPG increase, summer blend gas will be coming out soon & you will notice an increase then too

I would suggest going to synthetic motor oil after a few oil changes, in other words, do it whenever your ready
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