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Got the crew cab in Black.

Couple mods I am thinking of and wanted to get opinions. Will any of these (other then the NOS)void the warranty?

K&N intake
what is the best one?

Fastman TB
Ive seen good reviews

Magnaflow Exhaust
Sound the best IMO after watching youtube videos

QTP Wireless Electric Exhaust cutout
Just for cruising parking lots, maybe open it up while at WOT

Lowering/leveling Kit
I just want to have the truck sit level, what is the best setup for this?

Modified sneaky pete NOS Dryshot 50-75HP
What can the hemi handle? My old 3.9 daktoa handled 75hp no prob.

Truck needs a little more bass

A link to one of my old stroked Dakota's

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yeah I was reading that unfortunate information, i think i should be safe with a small dry shot. Has anyone used a dry nos kit on the 11/12's?

Would any of the intake/exhaust mods need a tune?

I know this hemi is a different beast then my old Dakota motors, but I did them and noticed nothing but improvements.
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