New 2014 1500

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So, I'm pretty excited - thanks to this forum and many, many more websites out there; finally bit the bullet and bought a new 2014 1500 Laramie. I worked to catch a left over 2013, but never could find one with all the options.

Worked with a GREAT dealer in the ATL area, but lets let it be delivered first to see if it finishes as good as it starts. :smileup:

Two quick questions;

1) reading through here, seems like a CAI is the first choice a number of folks make as a cheap and easy upgrade. Any preferred choice in CAI manuf's? I saw the RAM air but those look a bit "cheap" in installation and finish, and I do plan on taking this to hunting camp so dust is a concern.

2) Magnaflow - I used to have Flowmaster Stage 2 on a 318 '95 RAM which sounded GREAT. I'd like to repeat it as close to possible and now I think magnaflow seems to be a great way to go with 18"? Can anyone confirm the middle of the road magna's are close to the flowmaster (which now I think are called 40 or 50 series).

REAL happy with the new RAM (not allowed to call it dodge anymore eh'?). I've always been a dodge guy so the new RAM is pretty exciting - 1500 cc, monotone, beige/brown, 3.92", 4x4, posi, 8sp, convenience group, buckets, remote start, trailer brake control, spray bedline and protection group. Tried to get everything I couldn't do later myself (or wouldn't want to!) and getting the emails from VOTS is neat - if not precise.

thanks! look forward to lurking around :smiley_thumbs_up: