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ok i seen this intake on ebay and for the price i had to try it. its by chrome intakes. After shipping it was $73. check it out


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yea it is thin but i thought why not right. and evrey thing gets hot in the sumer around arkansas lol so i get what your saying. ill prolly change it later cuz im just getting started on my ram so alot of stuff will prolly change before im done. and about that grill its stock on my truck haven't changed it. i got the head lights from a guy that was selling his 09 ram i traded my stock head lights tail lights and third brake light for his custom ones. he took the head lights apart and painted the inside.
So they're OEM? Even better! Thanks.
yea the lights and grill are all oem parts
bb, how far down is the air filter end of your setup going? Looks like it goes down further than most.
it goes all the way to the bottom front side of the finder well. hope that helps lol just look down their its all the way at the bottom.
It looks like the cone is sitting right where the opening from the fender is. Not bad for $73. good job!
yep that is where it is. i have grabed the filter after i stoped somewhere and its been cold so its in a good spot. the only thing i found i dont like about it is i feel like i lost some low end tq. i had a bad traction prob before and now i can stall it way up and it dont spin hardly any. so idk but it still pulls strong above 3500 and all the way through the 1/4 so idk its proll just me! cuz their is no reason it should't have helped low end and big end both so idk. they need to get us a way to tune our trucks!!!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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