New mods on their way!!! Pic

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Finally getting to do some more work on my 2011 Ram 1500 Sport 4x4!!!

Getting some new badges made to replace Ram heads front and rear. Pic attached of preliminary art work. is working on them now.

Also ordered Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares, having them painted to match truck… Brilliant Black Crystal pearl.

Trying to decide on Wheels now… Wanting to put 35inch tires on nitto trail grapplers. Can't decide if I want to do 18" wheels or 20" wheels though. Any pro's or Con's to either one other then price. Also depends on the backspacing and offset. either 20x10 monsters with -12 offset or 18x9 monsters I believe they have a +18 offset but on their site I found some with a -12 offset. Any help or opinions is greatly appreciated.

After these mods pulling final two badges off hemi 5.7 side badge and 4x4 on back off and plastidip painting them black.
Then exhaust and intake.


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Hey your badges look really nice... Post some pics when your finished... That's going to look good.....
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