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This is my first Dodge, I bought a 98 1500 4x4 with the 5.2l, 5 speed manual, under 120k miles. Been reading about plenum upgrades, sensor replacements etc...What are the recommend first line preventive part replacements I should be looking at doing soon? Truck runs great, about 10K on a new heavy duty appears maintenance was performed regularly.
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Congrats on the stick! There fun as hell . Bought mine in aug. I have no upgrades yet though. One thing you will notice they seem less problomatic and are verry depenable . And sence haveing mine I've put 20,000 on it towed a car, moved a house worth of crap no worries
By the way and it will seem elemetry. For best mpg's shift at arround 2,ooo rpm seems low but they have plenty of grunt from 1500 to 2000. Now mines 2 wd and averiges mid 17 to 18 on the high side an 15 to 14 on low end in mpg,
Another thing on all rams as far a maintinance is concerned. Ball joints the factory ones are sealed they go bad. If they have been replaced keep them sericed. Also vacc lines keep those in check a lot ofstuff depends on it with 4x4. Keep tb clean as a part of rutene maint. Asi motor can carben up and cause idle issue. Also look into butterflys of tb with flaslight look for oil. Its a good tip off when plenum gasket might be going out. Also check to make sure your diffs don't need a friction modifier when you service them. The clutches will start to stick makeing tires skip and bark when turning like a true posi. This will ruin them over time.
Thanks for the input Ramfan, I almost always go manual transmission, much cheaper when repairs are needed and much more durable in my opinion. The front ball joints all have zirks so I assume they have been changed out, will check the TB this weekend. Running a tank of fuel with Seafoam and have noticed the idle cleaning up a bit.
Wouldnt hurt to run some of the Seafoam into the vacuum line on the throttle body. Like he said vac lines are a good idea to watch. There's been a few people.including myself that have had rough idle issues due to a cracked line or one falling off. Your set trans wise, much better option than the garbage automatics . Sloppy steering is typical in these. Upgraded steering stabilizers help, and ^^^^^ what he mentioned about ball joints.

I love my 2000 and I will never get rid of it. Solid. Good luck!
Ya ball joints have been changed at some time. I agree with a manuals repair and durability also you can be more selective on who drives it. The wife and teenager avoids it like the plege (fine by me). Also if yours is quad cab like mine use white lithium greese about every 6 mon on latches sometimes doors freeze up and won't open. Also keep rust in check under doors it seems unless your anal when you clean truck nobody wipes under doors on both sides of rubber strip. Also any thing you need to know about truck gear ratio, trans num etc. The spec sheet should be in glove box.
Agreed. Mines an automatic but the wife doesn't drive it, heaven forbid! Something about her having a hard enough time parking her chrys 300 let alone a lifted solid front axle truck.

Get a hanyes manual if you want to do a lot of the work yourself.
Ah yet another thing I forgot(I do that a lot)
I should list my Haynes manual as my first mod in my build thread, I use it so much.
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