New PW and warranty question

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Just signed for a new 2014 Power Wagon, going to the dealer on Saturday, everything was done over the phone, what about the extended warranty?
what you guys getting it for? what do they normally charge and how much will they knock off? The 6.4 MDS makes me a little nervous. I remember when Cadillac tried it many years ago.
Also the dealer I am buying it from is quite far away, any problems with the local dealer( who has no Power Wagons) doing the service and warranty work?
Wanted a power wagon since the old Minuteman missile site days, finally able to get one.
i know a lot of questions, but first Dodge, coming from the Ford world,
thanks guys
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Thanks for your responses guys, coming from a F150 world and want to make sure I do alright with Dodge, picking it up 4 hours away Saturday in Colorado.
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