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Hey, everyone been a minute working and busy. Anyway I picked up some rims I first went to Big O tires and they quoted me 948$ for some 16’s in the style I wanted with a negative offset. The EBay Guru that I am (also a cheapskate) I picked up some new rims in the style I wanted for 418$ including tax and shipping)
Info on them.
16x8 5x139.7mm (5x5.5") ET-5

ION Alloy wheels are made from only the finest quality aluminum. ION Alloy produces a steady style with superior performance and safety. ION Alloy's quality standards are at the top of the industry, so you can rest assured that you ION Alloy wheels will provide a safe, capable ride.

I like them and they have a -5 offset with my bolt in spacers which really pushes the tires out. Had a little rub, but pulled out my trust saw and no more. I had a huge dent on the side and a guy that does paintless dent took it out for 40 bucks. Next new headlights, paint, etc little at a time.


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