new tires on a 2nd gen

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i got some new tires on my 97 ram 4x4 standard cab short box. i bought them from pepboys and only paid 800 out the door for em. i know some people think that pep boy tires are junk but think of this. if a tire is made by a respectable company wouldnt the tire be just as good as the other its based off from. anyways i bought a tire called the definity dakota m/t. these tires are made by cooper tire and rubber company and are based off from the copper discoverer stt. i dont have any lift on my truck yet but i did by a 285/75/16. i dont have a clue how to post pics on here but you can just type it in to google and see. almost every review is good. i have had them on for just about 300 miles and so far so good. only downfall is this is the biggest size they come in. something good about them is they come with the buy 3 get the 4th free. another good thing is that they can sling the mud really good. wish i could post some pics cause it made my lil truck look damn good!

the only reason im really posting this is for the people that are looking for a very aggressive, great tire for a cheap price. just visit the pepboys website for more pricing options. hope this helps some people.
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