New to dodge and need some help!

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Hey guy's my name is Paul and I have lurked these forums off and on for awhile now because I always had a soft spot for ram's, Well I finally bought one she is a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.2L engine.

Well here is the deal she threw a CEL on the way home after I purchased it, checked it out and found out it was P0308, so cyl 8 misfire well I did some research and found out the plenum gasket is a big thing on these trucks and could be the culprit. Figured I would wait a bit and then tear it done well the next day the TPS was acting up sooo in the garage it went. Last night I replaced the plenum gasket along with the other gaskets that were needed, Cleaned out injectors, Replaced the TPS, Thermostat, and a few other things. Have not done plugs but they are going on tomorrow.

My question is on start up after having it torn apart and replacing the plenum I have 3 codes now P0300 Multiple misfire, P0306 Cyl 6 misfire, and P0308 Cyl 8 misfire. I figure if it were the plugs it would still just be cyl 8 misfire, guess i will find out. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Sounds like plugs and wires to me then reset computer. Pob should do cap and rotor to seem's surprised that you didn't do that when she was down.
But it dose look like a sharp truck. I like the one pic with it stare ing down the cop car
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