New to dodge and need some help!

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Hey guy's my name is Paul and I have lurked these forums off and on for awhile now because I always had a soft spot for ram's, Well I finally bought one she is a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.2L engine.

Well here is the deal she threw a CEL on the way home after I purchased it, checked it out and found out it was P0308, so cyl 8 misfire well I did some research and found out the plenum gasket is a big thing on these trucks and could be the culprit. Figured I would wait a bit and then tear it done well the next day the TPS was acting up sooo in the garage it went. Last night I replaced the plenum gasket along with the other gaskets that were needed, Cleaned out injectors, Replaced the TPS, Thermostat, and a few other things. Have not done plugs but they are going on tomorrow.

My question is on start up after having it torn apart and replacing the plenum I have 3 codes now P0300 Multiple misfire, P0306 Cyl 6 misfire, and P0308 Cyl 8 misfire. I figure if it were the plugs it would still just be cyl 8 misfire, guess i will find out. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Thank you very much!, I am glad to be a member on here finally, though right now I wish she would run better. haha

And here are some pics (painted the front end black, back bumper black, and powder coated the rims to match. (not a fan of chrome)


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Alright thank you guys for the help and ideas I'm gonna dig into her more tomorrow. Also when I re-checked the codes on both the 6 and 8 code the code reader was flashing CAT, could the problem be a clogged cat? I knew it gave you problems but no clue if it causes misfire. But thanks again guys I appreciate it!
But it dose look like a sharp truck. I like the one pic with it stare ing down the cop car

Thanks bud, I will have to get more pictures of my charger (the one in the pictures) I was rear ended by a car while on a traffic stop on the freeway. that is why I cropped most of it out lol otherwise you can tell its all destroyed but was at the junkyard picking up some stuff I had left in it and thought it would be a cool picture with the new (to me) ram.
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