New wheels

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Just put some new shoes on my baby :smileup:.Went from 265/70/17's to these 305/60/18's. What do you guys think?

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Thats my style! Not crazy big but tough and capable looking. I like it. It looks like a truck you can actually use
What is it my kids say......SWEET!
looks great fella
Thanks fellas I knew you guys would like em. Best thing about it is now I have a winter set of wheels and summer set. I should be good for years.
Very nice! Looks awesome!
Thanks guys. I went with the terra grapplers because I have to drive on the highway everyday and although they don't look as mean as the trail grapplers, these pictures don't do justice on how well they look. plus there is absolutely no noise on the road. :smileup:
Love that hunter green !
I checked out your mod list ... and just wanted to verify that you don't have any sort of leveling kit? Do they fit well?
Great looking truck.......Nicely done.........
Looks good man. Liking the black fender flares against the dark green.
^^^^^ what he said! love the black and dark green
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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