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Hello all, I have an 07 Ram with stock 17in aluminum wheels. I have a crack in one of them, lose about 5 lbs a day. (saw the crack when I took it to have it checked) Have no idea (no, really) how it cracked.
So a "refurbished" replacement will run about $180, or I could get some new steel wheels all the way around for probably $120 a wheel(?),and then sell the other 3 on craigslist.
Questions are, do the aluinum rims have a history of cracking? I know aluminum is lighter, but which is stronger, the steel or aluminum? Can I expect the other aluminums to go at some time in the near future?
I don't do any heavy offroading, just down the trails during hunting season. Most miles (90,000) are to and from work city driving, and then highway to hunt camp!
Just looking for some experienced wisdom, gotta do something soon.
Thanks for the help!
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