Newb with trailer brake wiring question

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Great forum guys! New to Ram 2500 and love it so far.

Question is about trailer brake wiring. I dont have factory controller so using my Prodigy2 from my last truck.

Problem is the colors from controller harness dont match factory supplied harness.

Controller colors ar as follow
4. red

Factory harness colors are as folows,
1. Yellow w/tracer w/tracer

Anyone know which connect to wach other? Searched here and all over net but could not find info.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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black with dark green tracer is ground
white is brake lamp switch output
yellow with red tracer is fused b(+)
dark green is trailer tow brake b(+)

Hope this helps. If the controller you have describes what their wires are for you may be able to match them up.
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