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I have a 1996 Ram 3500 with the V-10 with a whopping 95k miles on the ticker. Recently the engine has begun to simply stop under idle or low rpms and when I go to start it again it seems to hydraulic and freeze the motor. A little rest and it will start and run again. That being said, it also builds excessive air pressure in the cooling system AND puffs white smoke from the left bank exhaust after starting. I spoke with my mechanic(my dear brother) and he said the obvious answer is a bad head gasket but after some research I found it is common to have a cracked head instead.
I have:
No oil in the cooling system.
No water in the oil.
Anyone else with the V-10 experience this?

Also, in pre-checking to purchase a rebuilt head they are asking for the size of the rocker arm bolt holes. Does anyone know what the correct size would be on the 96 heads? 3/8 or 5/16?
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