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Ok, so i know my 98 1500 is suppose to be 2WD. but i did a burnout and only the driver side is puttin downthe force, so im lookin around if i can do something to make the right side work or if i need to just get a new differential. can anybody help?
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I'm guessing you know the difference between an open differential vs. a traction-aided or locking differential. If not, here's a wikipedia link to a decent overall description of the types available. It sounds like you have the more conventional open differential, and perhaps you want a limited slip, traction-aided, or whatever other types and versions are available. From what I've seen on the forum and looking at some aftermarket diff sites, Dodge may be the only one offering a limited slip diff for the later pickups. While it's only a $325 option at time of purchase, it's going to be fairly expensive to get it done after purchase. Still, it's a doable deal.
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