Newer style H2 wheel mod

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I just bought a set of Hummer H2 wheels (newer/newest) style… Can’t find any pictures anywhere with a ram with the newer style wheels… anybody have one? Also tire size…. I don’t want to start a debate just want to know… I have 265-70-17 (LTX M/S2) on my factory steal/chrome wheels now and I want 275-70-17 (BFG All terrain) on the hummer wheels since they are wider and have more off set. Will that small of a size increase be noticeable and will it hurt my towing any? I tow a 13000 pound boat with it and don’t want to mess up my rams towing.
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What year H2 did the wheels come off of? I know GM changed their lug pattern in 07/08 for the HD trucks and I'm thinking they did it with the last 2 years of hummers as well... in which case youre sh!t outta luck. Id try asking this question over on cummminsforum, it seems this site is geared more towards 4th gen 1500 owners...
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