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i took the fall and bought the McGaughys 2/4 spring kit installed it and yes i did have to shave the drop panhard bar bracket about a 1/4 of and inch no biggy tho , low and behold the front sits higher than the back and with the stock shocks in the rear the rear end hangs really low and puts the sway arm in a funny bind, soooo solution i cut 1 coil out of the left front and alil over 1/2 out of the rights side put Day star EVS 1 inch bump stops in in place of the factory one ( 9 bucks ) some 24 inch limiting straps ( 40 buck ) on the rear shock and slapped some 275/55/20 NITTO 420s tires on some 12 polished big horn wheels and this is what ya get:smileup:

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