No Brake Lights??

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:Hey:First I would like to say Hello!
This is my first post.
I have a 1994 dodge 3500 with a Dump Bed. I have all of my lights but not my brake lights. I have replaced both flashers, because my hazards weren't working, and my brake light switch. But I still don't have any power, to any wire, in the rear when my brakes are applied. I have power at the switch. I am not opposed to running a wire from the switch to the rear. Also these are three wire lights gnd/rev/marker. Are the lights wrong? If so they were on the vehicle when I bought it and they worked then.

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So today I was playing with the problem and I disconnected the ground from the rear left turn light. Its all clipped together right now. I was holding the clip and twirling it around and my brake lights come on. So get this the left light is floating (not grounded) and when I moved the wire around it somehow magically turned the brake lights on. So I think I am having a back feed issue. Weird Shit Man.
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