NO BUS error message

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This is a problem that has been killing :att: me now and I cant do much more.

When this problem first came about which was 2 months ago, I took it to the dealership and they told me it was the PCM. So, a replacement PCM was put in. Next it was the TIPM. That was also changed. Next it was the wiring harness for the entire under dash right out to the fuse panel.....That too was changed. Next it was the crank sensor, that too was changed. I am fresh out of ideas.

Truck starts with no problem. After running, at no particular set times, it randomly fluctuates all of my guages. I then loose power over my radio, wipers, horn, head & brake lights, power windows, seats but it never shuts off. i can turn off and on at a whims notice. I got upset and hit on the steering wheel one day and everything went back to norm. I know it could not be the wiring harnesses because all of them were changed. the only thing that I can think about is the instrument cluster. Now how it affects all thos things I pointed out, I dont know and the dealer wasnt able to shed any light on it either. I vow to give it one more shot and then off the dock I will drive it.

i have read countless threads on this and other forums about this issue and still I have not seen not one time items asked to be swapped were not swapped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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i cant tell you exactly whats wrong with your truck............ although i wish i could, but the NO BUS error is such a big deal that there is no way to exactly pinpoint it.

what i can tell you is that the NO BUS error is basically your computer system shorting out somewhere..... all throughout your truck the computer constantly sends out hundreds of readings to almost all of your vehicle. when one of these readings does not send back the dreaded NO BUS error occurs.

your instrument cluster may very well be the problem, however there may be another problem.......... my experience with this issue is limited, mainly reduced to what i have read, but one time this happened to my truck. my dad an i were trying to hunt down why my a/c was not blowing very hard out my vents (later found out to be the recirculating door) we thought it was the HVAC controls. long story short he grounded the power to my HVAC controls and instantly all my gauges failed and the NO BUS showed up on the odometer.

i mentioned this story because it shows how just about any shortage can cause this error............. i know its far from fixing your problem but i hope it helps a little, i know its a lot to read.
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