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glovey light comes with Luxury Group

True / Not True

Chrysler tells me that it comes with the luxury group, but my dealer says my VIN indicates other wise. Dealer Service Manager even went so far as to say Chrysler doesn't know what they are talking about. :SHOCKED:

Instead of getting into a pissing match, the claim to have "absorbs the cost of the parts to keep me as a customer." Took them like two seconds to come out with the part, and install. The missing hoodlamp....they weren't so generous, and changed their tune once I got there to have it installed. At this point, I didn't have the energy to talk with them, and point to the email I received from Chrysler as I knew I wasn't gonna change their mind one they said: "Chrysler doesn't know what they are talking about. " :doh:

How do you respond to that type of mentality / stupidity ?
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