No muffler vs muffler hp/torque 1/4 mile

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Hello I have a 2003 dodge ram 4.7 single cab short bed. I have 22" srt10 wheels ,Lund bed cover. I have a cold air intake, airram power wire, airram scoop, and transmission pressure booster. Exhaust is run lightning style out passenger side with no muffler. Just looking for best setup to drag race.
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Superchip it! Best mod for the 4.7 period.

As far as muffler vs no muffler. Youre not really gonna feel much difference either way. it might pull a little better in the higher RPMs without the muffler, but not enough to really make it worth while (noise would be unbearable IMO).

good luck :smileup:

P.S. Ditch the 22s
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